Microsoft Office Integration

NovaCore is fully integrated with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. This means that users can create, edit or revise documents directly from NovaCore without loosing the flexibility or familiarity of the MS Office applications.

  • Insert revision fields that update automatically.
  • Embed custom fields with information that automatically updates in all documents.
  • Approve documents from within MS Office applications.
  • Create templates that update automatically.
  • Publish documents from the MS Office applications.
  • Create web forms that automatically populate related registers when submitted.
  • Set the document’s next review date or interval.
  • …and more!

Document Management System

Never lose track of a document again with NovaCore’s Document Management System. This is an add-on feature that can be integrated with the NovaCore Compliance Management Software to make document management even easier.

      • Link one document to multiple folders so that all the folders can be updated by updating a single document.
      • Create your own folder structure.
      • Set folder and user permissions to maintain security.
      • Maintain a full history of changes made to all documents .
      • Automatically archives obsolete versions.
      • Map documents to framework standards to automate compliance tracking.
      • Track continuous improvement.
        …and more!

Traffic Light System

NovaCore’s Traffic Light System (TLS) gives you a visual representation of your compliance status. It enables you to quickly see which documents are due for review, are out of date or are compliant. It works with any framework e.g. ISO, SRTO (ASQA), CASR, NSQHS, CRICOS, ELICOS, etc.

      • Receive email alerts that let you know when a document needs to be actioned.
      • Find what you need quickly with a search function that searches standards, frameworks, documents, folders, notes, and more.
      • Map one document to multiple standards.
      • Apply the mapping of one document to another document to save time.
      • Use one of our ready-made frameworks or create your own framework.
      • Subscribe email addresses to documents so users stay in the loop when documents are changed and approved.


Impress your auditor with accurate and detailed reports that you can create within seconds. With NovaCore, you can generate a variety of reports to be share with auditors or used within your company.

      • Summary Pack – An overview of your Traffic Light System and compliance status. It is broken down into standards and shows all the documents linked to each standard with the documents’ status, revision date and revision number.
      • Document Register – A detailed audit trail that can be used to show continuous improvement.
      • DMS Register – A detailed overview of you Document Management System folder structure.
      • Make you own – In addition to the generated reports, you can also create your own reports in NovaCore using the in-built Print Screen function.

Document Sharing

Are you tired of having to edit or re-upload the same document in multiple places every time you update it? With NovaCore’s publishing tool, you can update a document in one place and it will automatically update everywhere else!

      • Publish documents such as policies to your website that update automatically when they are revised.
      • Send documents to multiple destinations including server folders and websites.
      • Publish selected documents either as PDFs or in their original format.
      • Configure how documents are published for individual frameworks.

Document Portal

Escape the frustrations of SharePoint and Google Drive with NovaCore’s Document Portal extension. The Document Portal is your own online storage system where your clients or staff can access approved documents you have published.

      • Share online forms instead of using paper forms where the data has to be recaptured manually.
      • Share documents with anyone that has access to your network via a web browser.
      • Keep track of who has accessed a document and when.
      • Enable staff to access private documents published to their login profile.

Ready-made Documents

NovaCore’s ready-made document packages save you time while ensuring that you stay compliant.

      • SRTO (ASQA) and CRICOS templates save you the time it takes to write policies and procedures.
      • Documents come branded with your company name and logo when used with the NovaCore software.
      • Ready-made documents are already mapped to standards in the NovaCore Traffic Light System.
      • Documents are also available as stand-alone packs for use without the software.


 Protect confidential material and avoid confusion. NovaCore’s powerful security system enables you to make sure that the right people access the right documents all the time.

      • Set permissions for individuals or apply permissions to a whole group to save time.
      • Specify document, folder and framework permissions.
      • Ensure that documents are secure even when accessed via a web browser.