Quality Management System that Actually Delivers

NovaCore has been the best Quality Management Tool I have used in the last 10 years! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this system to anyone in need of a quality management system that actually delivers.

Novacore has been the first quality management system I’ve been involved with that provides users with current information, version control, templates and remote access allowing consistency across the organisation with great tracking mechanisms.  

Because includes a ready made intranet document portal, it’s not a file of procedures that sits unused on the shelf.  Staff refer to policies and procedures, print forms, email documents where required and from the web providing portable access across the state.

The team at Novacore have been outstanding, their level of customer service has been brilliant.

They are timely, responsive and creative with solutions to issues which gives great peace of mind and confidence in the system.  The remote support has been a simple and very effective way of solving issues and training.

Tamela Grayson

SMYL Community Services 

Excellent Support

I have been an RTO since February 1992, and compliance has always been a chore and often neglected part of our business. Since engaging Novacore as our supplier of cloud based document management system (DMS) and SRTO compliance, our documentation is up-to date, version controlled, and available in real time to all our training centres within Australia and Internationally.

A great product is no good without a support team. James and Marko provide excellent support and training, allowing me to get the most out of Novacore.

I can now manage my RTO from anywhere with a computer and Internet access.

Richard Franks, CEO
Specialised Career Solutions 

Very Pleased

I would like to express my satisfaction with the Novacore document control system and especially the ASQA module. The West Australian Aviation College recently completed an ASQA and CRICOS audit.

The simplicity of the Novacore suite of products enabled the College to ensure that all documentation was easy to produce when requested by the auditor.

The version control function has enabled the Royal Aero Club retain total control over the hundreds of controlled documents that form part of the Club’s intellectual property.

I particularly liked the facility whereby a template could be applied to documents. This facility enhanced the professionalism of our documentation.

I am very pleased with the Novacore suite and am happy to endorse the product.

David Currey
General Manager: Royal Aero Club of WA
Principal: Western Australian Aviation College 

We haven’t looked back

BEST Community Development installed the NovaCore system to streamline our compliance framework and take the stress out of maintaining compliance and robust systems and processes.
We installed the system in January 2010 to aid our preparation for our 5 yearly re-registration audit and haven’t looked back.

While the system is easy to use, has a logical layout and is easy to learn, the professional and technical expertise we receive from the Novacore team during installation and ongoing has been exceptional.

Through implementing the NovaCore system we are able to spend less time thinking about compliance and more time working on business development.

BEST Community Development would recommend the NovaCore system to any RTO regardless of your level of experience and expertise within your team.

Debbie Fankhauser, Manager.
BEST Community Development

Thoroughly Recommended!!

As an RTO, we have CRICOS Standards, SRTO Standards, and we are looking to expand into other areas.

Thanks to the team at Novacore, we have been able to cover all areas in our initial audit and have continued to produce documents as required for various registration updates.

We have been able to ensure version control across the organisation and control, as appropriate, access to documents. This is particularly important as we are using the DMS section for large quantities of historical records.

We look forward to customising and expanding our use of Novacore, more and more.

Thoroughly recommended!!

Alison Abbot

NovaCore is a MASSIVE help!

We have been a Novacore user for several years now. We were looking for a software solution that met specific criteria.

 We were mostly looking for ease of use, compatibility with our other systems and of course, value for money.

 We researched and demoed a lot other software before a chance call with another of our software providers pointed us in Novacore’s direction. We were triple handling documents, managing documents using spreadsheets which no one ever bothered to update or struggled to keep up to date.

Once the decision was made to go with Novacore, our objectives were not just met, but exceeded, in almost every way.

 Our compliance is now bang up to date, with helpful email reminders to make sure we don’t miss anything. What surprised us the most, was the support we have received consistently during our many years of using the system.

On the very rare occasion we have required technical assistance, this has been, in most cases, just minutes away. We even made subtle suggestions about wish list ideas for additional features or expanding in certain areas and Novacore have always been supremely responsive and implemented almost before we put the phone down. 

Implementing document management, as with any software based system, is something you don’t want to have to ‘redo’ at some point.

We tell everyone we meet about Novacore, its user friendly and intuitive operation, the benefits, the support, as you can tell, we are big fans.

Do yourself a favour, save some time, save some money and get efficient. Novacore is a MASSIVE help!

Daren Herring

I Highly Recommend NovaCore

We operate 3 RTOs each requiring documentation compliant to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTO) 2015 which identifies the individual organisation. We approached NovaCore in October 2015 to develop a cloud based version with one “Master” set of documents which then automatically rebrands to suit the individual RTO identities. This allows us to modify one document and the changes are reflected across all RTOs inclusive of version control simultaneously.

There have been the odd teething problems encountered however, Marko and his team have been exceptional in all requests for assistance and in implementing specific changes.

I highly recommend NovaCore  / NovaCloud to any RTO looking at a user friendly, Compliance and Document Management System.

Peter Lamond
Senior Compliance Officer

We love NovaCore!

I am writing to thank you for ‘going well past the extra mile’ with the implementation of your NovaCore Compliance Management System.

Since buying the full program in 2010 your support and professional development on the CMS has ‘caressed’ my staff into the world of NovaCore with understanding, care and abundant patience.  

Even in times of difficulties we always kept saying, ‘We love Novacore.’  Over and over again!  

This is because having worked in the RTO-world for over 25 years I have never seen a more user friendly systemwhich incorporated version control, revision notes, templates, branding, etc. 

Moreover the simple stoplight system helped each key staff to keep abreast of their key responsibilities.  

At our last ASQA audit, in 2012, the auditor was most impressed with the amount of documentation presented that aligned to the standards with ‘a click of a button’.   He was also able to access our documents via remote link to our NovaCore CMS.

We are due for re-registration in 2017 and we are heading into the process with more confidence than in 2012 because we have kept updating our policies, procedures, forms, etc that have been available on NovaCore.

Cos Russo, Director

Saved Us Many Hours

I am writing to thank you for the support and efforts you put in to help us get our RTO approved by TAC. Your support and advice have made a huge difference for us as it allowed us to manage the process easily and more importantly to have our RTO up and running much quicker than we anticipated.

The purchase of the CMS program from you allowed us to have access to the mandatory Policies and Procedures required for our RTO and saved us many hours of work as they are all done for you, I would also suggest this program saved us many dollars in time consuming writing of Policies and Procedures either by ourselves or through a professional writer.

The CMS programme is user friendly and took little time for my staff to make maximum use of its capabilities. It allows them flexibility in controlling RTO data and most importantly, ensuring we remain compliant as part of the AQTF requirement as the guidelines are right there for you.

Our auditor was familiar with the system and this made the audit task easy as well so from this point it was great as well.

The back up support is very good and being able to contact your company and use the services of either yourself or your staff is exceptional and for this we thank you.

From all of us we wish you well and hope we are able to continue doing business with you and your company.

Dave Allen, Director